Myofascial Release

Myofascial Release is a specialised physical and manual therapy technique used to treat soft tissue and fascial tension and restrictions offered by LiveWell Health who are based in Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham and operating the service across the West Midlands.

We offer a mobile sports therapy service across Birmingham, the West Midlands and Staffordshire. As sports and non-sports people alike get more savvy with how the body works, many are starting to realise the importance of Myofascial Release. This technique is all to do with the myofascial connective tissue, encompassing the entire body, which sometimes restricts range of movement in muscles. This particular treatment eliminates pain and restores range of movement.

Myofascial Release

Our Team are based in Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham but operate across the West Midlands and Staffordshire


Myofascial release is a specialised physical and manual therapy used for the effective treatment and rehabilitation of soft tissue and fascial tension and restrictions.

‘Myo’ means muscle and ‘fascia’ means band. Fascia, an embryological connective tissue, is a 3D continuous web of elastin and collagen fibres surrounded by a viscous fluid called the ground substance. These two fibre types allow it to be very strong yet have a high degree of flexibility whilst the ground substance is a fluid transportation medium and acts a slide and glide mechanism between structures.

Fascia surrounds, infuses and protects every other tissue, tendon, muscle, bone, ligament and organ of the body. In healthy conditions the fascial system is relaxed and wavy in configuration. This provides a cushioning and supportive mechanism allowing us to move safely without restriction or pain. Fascia is also dynamic in nature; it responds to internal and external forces applied to it meeting the resistance in order to protect.

How can Myofascial Release benefit me?


By offering these advanced techniques not just to elite sports people but also to the general public, we can help release this connective tissue that may be preventing range of movement and help return flexibility to your muscles and relieve tension and pain helping you return to normal day-to-day activities.

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As our service is fully mobile prices will vary depending on location.

30 minutes | Prices range from £25 up to a maximum of £35

60 minutes | Prices range from £40 up to a maximum of £55

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