Sports Massage ― Bringing You Ease from Muscular Discomfort & Tension

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    Sports massage has been considered by many people for it really brings them ease from muscular discomfort and tension. Actually, sports massage is not only intended for those who regularly take exercise. Even those who sit hunched over a computer, or who drive all day, will benefit more from this massage form. Especially those who go through repetitive occupational activities and who lift heavy items will love this massage.

    Through Sports Massage, you will most certainly love and enjoy the effects that it could bring to your body. Among those physiological effects that you will get include reduced muscular pain and deep relaxation. The waste products and the tension usually cause more muscular pain and through this sports massage, you will be able to help your body release endorphin’s. In addition to that, the muscles will also be completely relaxed through a heat generated stretching and circulation. The mechanoreceptors which pressure touch and bring warmth cause reflex relaxation. The physical effects of sports massage will include pumping that during the stroking movements; the fluid will now pass through the lymph vessels and the blood vessels. The damaged or tight tissue will be repaired completely while vital nutrients are as well provided. Tissues and muscle fibres will also be stretched further through the sports massage that also helps release any pressure build up and tension. For those who previously had scar tissues in the past, the tissues will now be left treated provided that they go through a sports massage. Even tissue elasticity will be improved as it helped in the stretching of the tissues. Tissue permeability, for instance, will also be increased because of the deep sports massage. The pores in the tissue membranes will be caused to open and will allow the nutrients and fluids to pass through. The removal of waste products will be carried out like the lactic acid and the muscles will be encouraged to take up nutrients and oxygen that help them recover fast.

    Especially for regular athletes, they will most certainly be happy to include sports massage as an essential part of the training program. This will also help decrease their recovery time from previous injury and between training sessions. Those who really need some help to alleviate their stress, this massage will help stimulate the nervous system that triggers the release of good chemicals or endorphin’s.

    At LiveWell, our sports massage will make you feel as if you have been lifted up from a pressure. Sports massage will be suggested as part of your management program to get the most out of it. If you deal with a heavy training period, or an injury or you just simply experience back pain from longer hours of sitting at work, we can offer you the Sports Massage service to help alleviate pains and aches. Get back to your full fitness through the massage we offer for your personal comfort! Get the relief you need for your chronic injury or muscle tension!

    All of our therapists at LiveWell Health are fully qualified and registered with the SMA.

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