We are the leading provider of Corporate Benefits and Staff Wellness Days in the UK

Given their are over 31 million work days being lost due to back and neck related pain in the uk and over 62 million days being lost due to stress related illnesses businesses are now seeing the importance of setting up a benefits program that now includes health and fitness. The US are already years ahead of the UK and other European countries by providing their staff with subsidised massage and personal training and this is something LiveWell Health are trying to now rectify here in the UK.

We currently work with a number of large house hold names in the UK such as Staples, ABP Ports, Vodafone and Yell to name just a few providing these types of benefits so if you are an employer and looking for ways to incentivise your staff and reduce sick days related to issues that can be avoided then please contact us today via email on or by phone on 0330 043 2501 for an information pack or to arrange a free consultation and presentation on how our company and our therapists can help you and your staff.



For more information on how we can help set up your benefits and wellness programme in your office then please call the number below.

Corporate Benefits and Wellness Days

Corporate Benefits and Wellness Days are key for companies of all sizes to encourage their staff, but more importantly to keep them fit and healthy. The UK Economy loses around £15 Billion a year due to Stress Related sick days. Further to this the UK economy loses more than 31 million working days due to back and neck related pain and injuries. This worrying trend is only rising.

With this in mind here at LiveWell Health we aim to help Employers who are battling to keep their staff in work and stress free by offering a range of Bespoke Wellness Days or a more long term Benefits Program. Whether you are looking for Massage Therapists, Personal Trainers, Nutritionists or Beauty Therapists all of our qualified staff are mobile and ready to help. We can offer full days, half days or even just a few hours at your place of work or an event location alternatively we can help you set up a complete employee benefits program like we have done for many large and small companies. The packages we offer are tailored to your business needs.

Corporate Benefits and Employee Wellness Days

LiveWell Health currently work with a number of large corporate clients across the UK providing Corporate Benefits and Wellness Days. These range from a simple back and neck massage for your staff while they work, through to complete team building days and weekends. With fully qualified Massage Therapists, Physios, Personal Trainers and Beauticians we really can offer the full package.

Whatever your need as you can see we have a range of services and options to design the perfect day for you and your staff and get that stress removed so your staff can have a happy productive day.

In order to discuss your needs with one of our team then please contact us on 0330 043 2501. Our prices do vary depending on the type of packages and how many services, days you decide to book. All our bookings must be of a minimum of 2 HOURS.

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