Corporate Massage

In today’s world corporate massage is something fast becoming a must not a want. The workplace is a fast paced competitive environment where the staff members are pushed to their mental and physical limits every day. Keeping your staff in excellent health both mentally and physically has never been more important, but also a challenge.

At LIVEWELL Health we employ a large team of Soft Tissue Specialists. These people have had 3-5 years of study and training in the musculoskeletal system, developing years of experience within elite sports, within private healthcare and working on some of the most challenging muscular problems that we face today. With this wealth of knowledge and expertise LIVEWELL have been the go to company when businesses are considering how to reward and rejuvenate their staff.

Massage (soft tissue therapy) whether that be a 10 minute chair massage in the office or a 60 minute full body treatment in or outside the office can significantly help reduce stress levels and encourage healing. There are many benefits to this type of treatment, not just for the mind and body but also looking at employee morale. Working with some of the largest companies in the world both domestically and abroad LIVEWELL have on average seen almost 40% reduction in Sick Days relating to muscular issues, stress and general pain for businesses that have taken advantage of our wellness days or year round corporate benefits program.

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Corporate & On Site Chair Massage

Massage whether that be at the office or at home is proven to promote relaxation and ensures muscles and neuro-pathways function at their most optimal. The UK workforce is one of the most pushed and hardest working workforce across Europe. The average UK person in work puts in more than 45 hours a week and therefore will no doubt be mentally and physically tired. It is therefore imperative that companies now do their utmost to help their staff stay on top of the task at hand and this can be easily achieved through the use of massage. Companies need to realise though that this is not just something that helps at the time and is of a physical benefit, it is also a mental one too. Employees that get these types of treatments feel appreciated and looked after and as a result inevitably work harder and longer for the company that is looking after them. The benefits of this type of service couldn’t be greater on many levels.

Our Locations

LIVEWELL Health are a UK wide company offering Corporate Massage and Office Massage with a head office based in Birmingham and with Soft Tissue Therapist, Physiotherapists and Nutrition Experts at hand to offer your company the very best in on site health services. With our central HO in Birmingham and therapists in all major cities around the UK we have a great base to provide the very best services in on site corporate massage. As soft Tissue Specialists we are uniquely qualified to provide the very highest level of on site massage and soft tissue therapy. For further information on whether we operate in your area you can either visit our locations page or contact us directly on 0330 043 2501 or via email on