Your December News and Offers

December 6, 2017 11:42 am Published by Leave your thoughts

It is Christmas month and here at LIVEWELL Health we are excited for the coming new year. With this in mind we are putting together some fantastic offers on our Massage, Fitness and Nutrition services whilst letting you know what is coming up in Jan 2018. So don’t miss out on your discounts and to find out more about what is coming up this month and into 2018!


Massage news and offers

Offers Book your massages today and get some great discounts on the run up to christmas!

Block book :
5 x 60 minute sessions for just £202 (works out of £40 a session)
10 x 60 minute sessions for just £380 (works out at £38 a session)

This will be the same for Relaxing Massage, Deep Tissue Massage and Sports Massage.

Don’t miss out!

Fitness news and offers

We are taking registrations for our next mashup event on Jan 7th. Don’t miss out folks, its only £10 and all proceeds are going to a fantastic cause to help Neil Oliver Thomas, a personal trainer from Banatynes in Sutton Coldfield, to get some much needed cancer treatment abroad!

There will be 4 classes possibly 5 which will be BODY COMBATCIRCUITSLBTGRITand ZUMBA!

There will also be free massages on offer, sports supplements and food for the day.

It will be hosted in the ultra modern Sutton Coldfield girls school on Jockey Road from 11am onwards. You can do as many or as few of the classes as you want but come on, sign yourself up HERE and set yourself as going on our FACEBOOK PAGE and more importantly TELL YOUR FRIENDS 🙂


Nutrition news and offers

Within our Nutrition department we are now able to offer nutrition plans whether that be for weight loss, body building or specific sports nutrition with our made to measure plans based on you, your lifestyle and what you need out of the diet plans.

Diet Plans

4 week basic nutrition one off – £40

12 week flexible tailored plan – £40 per month over 3 months (£110 one off)

4 week nutrition and exercise plan one off – £60
12 week nutrition and exercise rolling tailored plan – £60 per month over 3 months (£160 one off)


January 2018 is going to be a very busy month. Not only will we be seeing the launch of the very first fitness league in Birmingham all geered around those looking to keep fit, be recognised for it and win some prizes. Further to this we launch the Fitness Mash Up events and new client benefits / reward scheme.

Jan 1st – The LIVEWELL Fitness League (more catchy now coming soon)

This will be a league table running all year from Jan 1st to December 31st 2018. You can join in at any point and you can be of any age and fitness level. The idea behind the league is to run in conjunction with our fitness events which will be the large mashup every month and potentially a circuits / crossfit style class every 2 weeks. Each time you attend an event you get points, you also get bonus points for doing every class on the mashup event and finally you get points given out by the fitness instructors on effort and if we are doing a special event, dress up / fancy dress points! After 6 months we give out a prize to the top 3 and then at the end of the year some larger prizes again to the top 3. What better way to get fit than to train to great music, laugh and enjoy yourself then get rewarded for it too?

Watch this space for more info.

Jan 7th – LIVEWELL Mashup Fitness Event (Sutton Girls Grammar School)

This is the 1st of 12 mashup events scheduled through the year. One every month with 4 to 5 classes that will get your heart racing and your laughter flowing. Using some of the best instructors in the business you can be sure on a great work out to great music.

To register your interest visit our facebook page to keep an eye out on the events and to make yourself as going alternatively sign up —> here <—