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Injury Assessment

Injury Assessment is one of the first stages in designing an effective treatment and injury rehabilitation plan.

Injury Assessment – Birmingham, West Midlands

Based in Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham we offer a full injury assessment and injury rehabilitation service before looking at ways to help repair and rehabilitate your injury. This is probably one of the most important stages in designing an effective treatment plan, but more importantly actually understanding the true cause of your injury. Many therapists and companies who offer sports injury rehab will focus on the “pain” and this is not always the best way to start an assessment. The pain is usually the effect of another cause. Yes, we will of course treat the pain and rehab that particular muscle / ligament / tendon; however we need to understand how that injury has been brought on, as it could be down to posture, tight muscles in other areas or some form of deformity in a particular joint / bone. This is where LiveWell Health and our trained Level 5 sports therapists really excel above most other companies in this field.

The Assessment

As mentioned above, before we start on designing a plan to bring you back to sports / fitness, we need to go through a few stages to understand your injury and what caused it. Within our initial assessment we will do a number of things:

The Treatment

Once we have completed the assessment we will then know exactly which musculoskeletal issues surround you and the injury. This will give us a great understanding of how we can incorporate various treatment techniques alongside exercise and stretching, to give us the best outcome in terms of your overall recovery.

Our team of highly qualified therapists backed up by leading personal trainers is in a unique position to be able to offer aid in the recovery of the specific injury but to also provide you with ongoing support. This could be in terms of strengthening the affected and surrounding areas, as they may not be working as they should to prevent further injuries. This gives you the very best opportunity to take your fitness and health to the next level.



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As our service is fully mobile, prices will vary depending on location.

30 minutes | Prices range from £25 up to a maximum of £35

60 minutes | Prices range from £40 up to a maximum of £55

Please note block booking discounts are available so please contact us for more information.


My partner and I booked a Sports Massage with Steve recently as an alternative to a romantic night in (haha!). We both suffer with shoulder tension and knots in our shoulders and calves. Steve was incredibly professional and came and set up quickly - in the comfort of our own home, whilst our toddler was in bed. I have neglected myself a little since my son was born as I don't get chance to do things for myself any more (and with all the child lugging it's so much more needed!) and so this was an absolute god send. I will be booking future appointments and would recommend anyone to give LiveWell Health a try.

- Jennifer Washbrook, Birmingham - September 2015

Had my first massage with Steve. Very friendly and very professional. Eased my back...recommend to anyone...feel great x

- Gill , Birmingham - October 2015

Having suffered a shoulder injury playing rugby, i was recommended to get in touch with LiveWell Health. It’s the best decision i have made. Over a series of treatments i have not only got back full movement without any issues or pain but also have regain strength in the shoulder. Any sportsman who is series about recovery should definitely consider LiveWell. A true professional, who ensures that the client knows exactly where they are in their treatment and progression down the road to recovery,. Can’t recommend LiveWell enough!

- Alex Armstrong, Birmingham - February 2015
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