We are the leading provider of Corporate Massage services in Birmingham

In today’s world corporate massage is fast becoming a must for your employees and our team in Birmingham can help.

Employees are pushed to breaking point in today’s relentless working environment and companies are trying to find ways to give something back to their employees as well as finding new ways to reduce employee sickness.  Keeping your staff in excellent health both mentally and physically has never been more important, but also a challenge.

With more than 30 million working days lost every year due to stress and muscular-skeletal issues that can be helped through massage, this is a key business area to focus on. Not to mention the gratitude from your staff, it really is a win win. Corporate Massage can entail a number of things such as a well-being day of chair massage or desk massage. It could incorporate a health advice service to discuss exercise and nutrition.

Whatever your employees need or want, we can tailor a specific type of Massage and Corporate Well-Being day for you and your staff.



Given the specific requirements most likely required for your corporate massage day, it would be better to contact our team by telephone and they will be able to assist and provide you with all the correct information and prices to make your event a success.

Our Corporate Massage Services…

LIVEWELL have worked with hundreds of companies across the UK and also into Europe on wellness days for their staff. We have worked with companies of all sizes from just a few dozen employees through to multi-national companies with over 10,000 employees.

LIVEWELL have over 40 highly trained massage therapists, physiotherapists and personal trainers meaning we can provide a day that can cater for everyone with stations set up to offer massage, physiotherapy consultations and treatments, fitness sessions and nutrition advice amongst many other functions that we can discuss with you at the time of booking.

The UK workforce is one of the most pushed and hardest working workforce across Europe. The average UK person in work puts in more than 45 hours a week and therefore will no doubt be mentally and physically tired.

It is imperative companies now do their utmost to help their staff stay on top of the task at hand and indeed their health and well-being. Just one massage can mean the difference between that member of staff having sick days and not. Further to this, on the companies where we regularly attend through the year, have seen a reduction in absence over more than 48% on average! So why wouldn’t you, as an employer, consider this cost effective and beneficial offering to your staff?  

The benefits of this type of service couldn’t be greater on many levels.

If your interested in getting a quote from our team on how we can make your sporting event the best it can be then please contact us on or via phone on 0330 043 2501.

Why use LIVEWELL to provide your Corporate Massage?

At LIVEWELL Health we employ a large team of Soft Tissue Specialists. These people have a minimum of 3 year’s of university degree level behind them. Including additional specialist training in the musculoskeletal system, developing years of experience within elite sports, private healthcare and working on some of the most challenging muscular problems that we face today. With this wealth of knowledge and expertise LIVEWELL have been the go to company when businesses are considering how to reward and rejuvenate their staff.

Working with some of the largest companies in the world both domestically and abroad LIVEWELL have on average seen on average a 48% reduction in Sick Days relating to muscular issues, stress and general pain for businesses that have taken advantage of our wellness days or year round corporate benefits program.

For more information or to speak to a member of staff or visit our contact page.

For our Corporate Massage prices, please contact us on 0330 043 2501 or by email on

Cancellations: If you cancel your event less than 24hrs before the team are due to attend, the full amount of the event price will be required and no refunds will be offered unless specifically agreed by a member of our management team.

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