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We're passionate about health and wellbeing

Our mission is to provide the most advanced and multi-faceted approach to health and wellbeing for individuals and companies alike, to every corner of the uk and the world.

Who are we?

LIVEWELL Health have been trading since 2012 and was founded by our Managing Director Steven Hartill.

Steven is one of the highest qualified soft tissue specialists in the UK and has worked within elite sports not just in the UK but all over the world with athletes from Team GB, Professional Football Clubs, Professional Rugby Clubs and England Cricket Players as well as celebrities from all over the world.

With this experience and passion for helping people, LiveWell wanted to expand to start working with the wider public on an individual basis and to work with companies on their employee wellbing approach. We believe the care we provide is unrivalled on the market, priding ourselves on our hands on approach and dedication to working towards a solution to your problem. Furthermore, we wanted to reach every corner of the UK and as such we have expanded our reach, recruiting other highly qualified professionals at the top of their respective fields, to more than 100 health and wellbeing specialists UK wide.

LIVEWELL is made up of a number of key dividions, these being:

Corporate and Employee Wellbeing - With specialisms in on-site chair and couch massage, reflexology, yoga and mindfulness, exercise at work, nutrition workshops and seminars and health assessments and blood testing, there is nothing our team cannot do.

Event Services - With events ranging from charity events, sporting events, community fund raisers, festivals and concerts, our team attend them all. With brands such as British Heart Foundation, Cure Leukaemia, Wolf Run, London Marathon, Manchester Marathon and much more, we have a range of specialisms to cater for all eventualities. Our services include Event Massage, Event Reflexology, Event Fitness and our award winning Event Recovery Experience (LIVE|Recover).

Massage - With this being our core business service, we employ only the highest qualified university graduates with a minimum level 4 qualification as a soft tissue specialist. This means our team are advanced massage practitioners providing all professional massage types such as Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports, Lymphatic Drainage, Pregnancy, Fertility and Oncology.

Physio - Our entire team carry a minimum 3 year degree in either Physiotherapy or Sports Therapy. They are similar in many ways however Sports Therapy is focused more around sporting injuries and people, where Physiotherapy is widely used by almost everyone who has some sort of injury and is in need of rehabilitation. Within this part of our business we offer services such as Physiotherapy, Sports Therapy, Medical Acupuncture, Spinal Manipulation, Cupping, Taping and much more.

Fitness - Within our Fitness division we offer a range of services such as Personal Training, Online Coaching, Strength & Conditioning, Nutrition Advice and Consultation and our Health Checks and Assessments.

Reflexology - Our Reflexology division is fast becoming very popular. Although this type of service has been around a long time, it has recently gained popularity. Within our reflexology division we provide services such as General, Fertility, Pregnancy, Women's Health, Menopause and Pallaitive to name just a few.

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Our locations

LiveWell Health started out in Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham with our Managing Director Steven Hartill. After just a few small months we expanded our operation taking in dozens of therapists covering areas such as Wolverhampton, Edgbaston, Solihull, Derby, Nottingham, Leeds, Leicester and Coventry. Our company quickly expanded offering in home massage and physiotherapy treatments to clients across the Midlands which then in turn gave us a spring board to other locations across the UK such as London, Manchester, Liverpool, Worcester, Hereford and Gloucester. We now operate across the UK offering individual treatments and corporate wellbeing days with more than 100 therapists.