We are the leading provider of PREGNANCY Massage services across the UK

LIVEWELL Health has been the UK’s leading provider of Pregnancy Massage services for over 10 years.

We have over 40 highly qualified, university degree level, soft tissue specialists offering our pregnancy massage services both at clinic locations and as mobile appointments to clients in more than 20 locations around the UK. We cover areas such as Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester, Wolverhampton, Leicester, Coventry, Derby, Nottingham, Leeds, Bradford, Gloucester, Worcester and London to name just a few.



To make a booking using our online system please click on the link below. This is for single therapist or single appointment bookings only.


If your area is not listed within our online booking system, or you require multiple therapists / time slots please call the number below.

Before booking your Pregnancy Massage – Please consider the following:

Are you past your first trimester this is classed as 12 weeks+?

Have you obtained permission from your midwife or doctor?

Are you at high risk of miscarriage, placental abruption or preterm labour?

What is Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy Massage can have enormous benefits for both mother and unborn baby. Massage emotionally and physiologically supports a woman during a time when her body is undergoing many changes and can help prepare her body for birth.

Receiving regular massages whilst pregnant can make the mother more aware of her own body. This also enables the ability to relax during 1st stage of labour often resulting in shorter and easier births, less pain and lower rate of postnatal complications.

Getting permission from the midwife and/ or GP will need to be gained before the massage.

The Benefits of Pregnancy Massage

Going through the stresses and strains of pregnancy is no small task. It can put a lot of pressure not just on the body but on the mind too. This is where Pregnancy Massage can really help. There are many benefits such as:

  • Stimulation of circulation which can distribute essential nutrients and fluid to all vital organs of the body
  • Lymphatic drainage eliminates toxins from the cells and blood and help reduce oedema
  • Sluggish bowel movement is aided, helping avoid constipation and haemorrhoids
  • Release muscular tension in upper back, shoulders, lower back and hips, easing discomfort of sciatica and Symphysis Pubis
  • Dysfunction, often caused by postural changes and hormone release.
  • Releases compression on nerves
  • Helps to avoid varicose veins from developing
  • Massaging the intercostals and pectoral muscles will help with respiratory system
  • Induces deep relaxation and peaceful sleep
  • Helps reduce emotional stress and anxiety
  • Helps to lower or keep high blood pressure balanced
  • Massage encourages the release of pain reducing hormones providing vital relief from pain during labour and birth.
  • Massage will enhance your client’s relationship with her body
  • A stress- free environment is created
  • Providing vital monitoring support


All of our staff are highly qualified in Pregnancy Massage.

We only employ therapists and specialists that have a minimum 3 year’s university degree level in soft tissue specialisms. These are Elite level massage therapists, Physiotherapists, Sports Therapists, Osteopaths, Chiropractors and many other high level experts.

Finally all of our team have had some experience in pregnancy massage and currently treat at the very highest level of their profession giving you peace of mind that you are seeing the very best in the business.


I am a professional Body Builder and WBFF Pro Athlete. I used LIVEWELL for the first time after using other sports therapists for my treatments. Steve came to see me in London and the treatment was fantastic. I would highly recommend and will be using them again!

Johanna Hess, WBFF Pro Athlete
I would highly recommend Steve at LIVEWELL. He answered all the questions and concerns I had, he explained everything that was going on and taught me quite a bit about my own body in the process. One of the best treatments I have ever had.
Kerry Sexton, PCA Pro Athlete (British Champion)
Ramello Mitchell Southampton Football Player
I have been seeing Steve for a while now and he is always really professional and the treatments are of top quality to keep me ready for each game.
Ramello Mitchell, Southampton Football Player
chris woakes england cricket player
Very professional treatment from Steve and his team at LIVEWELL. Their knowledge and level of sports therapy was exceptional. Thank you for your work!
Chris Woakes, England Cricket Player
Sarah Mayling Birmingham City Football Player Ladies

I had a great massage with LIVEWELL. Steve used a lot of advanced techniques that you just don’t get in your average sports massage. I will be rebooking!

Sarah Mayling, Birmingham City Ladies Football Player
I have been using Steve at LiveWell now for many years as my go to sports therapist and he has always helped me stay fit and ready for every competition.
Kelly Pietersen, Team GB Judo
LiveWell provided me a massage at my home a number of times. I found them very professional and they took great care in my treatment. I would highly recommend them.
Tyler Roberts, Leeds Football Player
Billie Eilish professional american singer and song writer
Steve came to see me whilst I was on tour in the UK at the O2 in Birmingham. He was on time, professional and the treatment really helped with tightness I was experiencing.
Billy Eilish, Singer and Song Writer

I have been using LiveWell for many years now and their treatments are always on point and of the highest quality. I would recommend them and Steve to anyone!

Jodie Stimpson, Team GB Triathlete
Recently when I was on tour in Birmingham I phoned LIVEWELL and from the first call to the treatment found them very professional. Steve came out and released all my tension. Great service.
Flavia Cacace, Professional Dancer

Judo can really take it’s toll on your body in all sorts of way’s. LIVEWELL offer an awesome massage, which my body was crying out for! I will definitely be booking again. Thank you!

Jemima Yeats-Brown, Team GB Judo

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