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Blood Testing Services

Welcome to our comprehensive blood testing services, where we prioritise your health and well-being by offering a wide range of diagnostic tests tailored to your specific needs. Our advanced blood tests provide valuable insights into various health aspects, including cholesterol levels, iron status, vitamins and minerals, hormonal changes related to menopause, testosterone levels, and much more. With our state-of-the-art facilities and experienced healthcare professionals, we ensure accurate and reliable results to help you understand your body better and take proactive steps towards a healthier life.

Our cholesterol testing helps monitor your lipid profile, essential for assessing heart health and managing risks associated with cardiovascular diseases. Iron tests are crucial for detecting iron deficiency or overload, which can impact your energy levels and overall health. Our vitamin and mineral panels evaluate key nutrients, ensuring your body has the essential components for optimal functioning.

For those experiencing hormonal changes, our menopause and testosterone tests provide insights into your hormonal balance, aiding in the management of symptoms and overall well-being. Additionally, our comprehensive range of blood tests can detect and monitor various other health conditions, giving you a complete picture of your health status.

Convenience and precision are at the heart of our services. Our easy-to-access blood testing ensures you receive the necessary diagnostics with minimal disruption to your daily routine. Whether you seek to address specific health concerns or simply want to stay proactive about your health, our blood testing services offer the information and support you need to make informed decisions and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Discover the benefits of comprehensive blood testing and take charge of your health today. Explore our services and find out how we can help you achieve optimal well-being through accurate and insightful diagnostics.

Blood Testing Services by livewell
Blood Testing at LiveWell Health
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Benefits of our blood testing service?

  1. Early Detection of Diseases: Regular blood work can detect health issues before symptoms arise, allowing for early intervention. Conditions like diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and certain cancers can be identified at an early stage, improving treatment outcomes and potentially saving lives.
  2. Monitoring Chronic Conditions: For individuals with chronic health conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, or thyroid disorders, regular blood tests are essential. They help monitor the effectiveness of treatments, manage symptoms, and prevent complications by providing ongoing insights into your health status.
  3. Nutritional Deficiencies: Blood tests can reveal deficiencies in essential vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin D, B12, iron, and calcium. Identifying these deficiencies allows for timely supplementation and dietary adjustments to maintain optimal health and prevent related issues like anaemia or osteoporosis.
  4. Hormonal Imbalances: Regular blood work can detect hormonal imbalances that affect various aspects of health, including mood, energy levels, and reproductive health. For example, tests for thyroid function, testosterone, oestrogen, and cortisol levels can help diagnose and manage conditions like hypothyroidism, menopause, and adrenal fatigue.
  5. Assessing Organ Function: Blood tests provide critical information about the health of vital organs such as the liver, kidneys, and heart. Monitoring liver enzymes, kidney function markers, and cardiac biomarkers can help detect potential issues and ensure these organs are functioning properly.
  6. Personalized Healthcare: Regular blood work enables healthcare providers to offer personalised recommendations and treatment plans based on your unique health profile. This personalised approach can enhance the effectiveness of treatments and support a more proactive approach to your overall well-being.
  7. Identifying Risk Factors: Blood tests can identify risk factors for various health conditions, such as high cholesterol and elevated blood pressure. Understanding these risk factors allows you to make lifestyle changes or start preventive treatments to reduce your risk of developing serious health issues.
  8. Tracking Health Progress: For those undergoing treatment for specific conditions, regular blood work helps track progress and make necessary adjustments to medications or therapies. It ensures that treatments are effective and helps avoid potential side effects.
  9. Boosting Peace of Mind: Regular blood work provides reassurance about your health status. Knowing that you are monitoring your health proactively can reduce anxiety and stress, leading to a greater sense of well-being.
  10. Supporting Overall Wellness: Regular blood work is a cornerstone of preventive healthcare. It supports overall wellness by ensuring that any potential health issues are addressed promptly, allowing you to maintain a healthier and more active lifestyle.

By incorporating regular blood work into your healthcare routine, you take a proactive step towards maintaining optimal health, preventing diseases, and ensuring a better quality of life.

How it works...


Receive Your Test and Prick that Finger

You will receive your test in the post, then all you need to do is follow the instructions, prick your finger, and capture a bit of blood.


Receive your results within 7 days

Access your results in an easy to understand traffic light system from your own secure wellness hub.


Ongoing support

Get on going support from our expert team of professionals who can talk you through changes that can help.

What tests do we offer?

Essential Health

Tests for a total of 18 bio markers including: Cholesterol, Vitamin D & B12, Iron Deficiency, Liver Function.

Menopause Test

Are you experiencing signs that suggest you might be nearing menopause? Are you dealing with symptoms like hot flashes, anxiety, night sweats, poor sleep, and low energy?

Stress (Cortisol)

Measure your cortisol levels, the hormone associated with stress, with this simple test. Determine if your stress hormone levels are affecting your life, immunity, and overall health.

Cholesterol Test

If you are concerned about your cholesterol and want it checked or have a family history of high cholesterol or heart disease.

Thyroid Test

Are you experiencing symptoms like low energy, unexplained weight changes, mood swings, dry skin, or muscle aches?

Male Hormones

Are you worried about low testosterone, decreased sex drive, or potential fertility issues? Are you experiencing mood changes, loss of muscle mass, or low energy levels?

Vitamin D Test

Vitamin D deficiency can impact your everyday health in various ways so having a test can be a game changer.

Female Fertility

Are you planning to start a family and want to learn more about your fertility? Are you curious about your ovarian reserve and how many eggs you have remaining?

Female Hormones

Are irregular periods causing concern about your fertility? Are you questioning your overall well-being, energy levels, weight, or mood?

Liver Function

Are you worried about the health of your liver? Are you consuming an unhealthy diet, concerned about your weight, or worried about your alcohol intake and its potential impact on liver function?

Inflammation (CRP)

Identify potential damage or deterioration in your body that may go unnoticed. Detect risk markers for heart disease, stroke, chronic conditions, and infections.

Annual Health

Delivers insights on 39 health markers, encompassing Cholesterol, Diabetes, Vitamin D & B12 levels, Iron Deficiency, Liver Function, Folate, and Inflammation.

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