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Corporate Health and Wellbeing

If you have found your way to LiveWell and this page, then you care about your company, your employees and their health and wellbeing. Livewell have been working with small and large companies alike for years delivering quality, inclusive, multi-faceted wellbeing packages across the UK. If you need a one stop health and wellbeing provider who specialises in corporate wellbeing and can deliver a multi-site, award winning health and wellbeing strategy, you have come to the right place.

We are proud of the relationship we have with our corpoate clients and their employees and their inclusion into our LiveWell family. Some of the companies we have worked for are household brands, such as AmazonBritish GasMoneysupermarketAmerican ExpressZuto Finance and many more. We now work with over 1,000 companies across the UK most of which are part of the top 500 businesses in the UK and we strive to do better and service more companies to make sure they get the very best in employee wellbeing services.

Our Corporate Services

Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits through Livewell are flexible and can be in the way of subsidised treatments, employee wellbeing days and much more.

Yoga and Mindfulness

Our Yoga and Mindfulness specialists at LiveWell can provide on-site yoga and mindfulness services as well as remotely via video link.

Mobile Injury Clinics

Ever wanted the luxury of your very own on-site physiotherapist and injury specialist? Look no further than our mobile physio clinics.

Health Assessments

Our health specialists will provide full health assessments including blood analysis, food intolerances, allergies inc BP, Weight and BMI.

Employee Wellbeing Days

Wellbeing days are a great way to reward your staff with various on site solutions from massage, reflexology, nutrition and much more.

On Site Reflexology

Our team carry the highest reflexology qualifications and are masters in reflexology. Our specialist team can provide foot, hand and ear reflexology.

Exercise in the workplace

Exercise and morning wake up routines by LiveWell are popular in busy offices to help get your team primed and ready to go for the day ahead! 

Office Massage Services

Office massage is one of our key services that we offer to thousands of businesses across the UK. Our team are highly qualified specialists.

On Site Acupuncture

Our Medical Acupuncture specialists at LiveWell can provide on-site acupuncture services to promote wellbeing in the office.

Foot Massager Hire

Do you have a conference, exhibition or just require something a little extra at the office? Then consider our mobile foot massagers! 

On Site Massage Services

Our university qualified advanced massage specialists can provide all types of on-site chair and couch massage services for your organisation.

Nutrition Workshops

Our nutritionists at LiveWell can provide bespoke nutrition workshops and seminars to your team in large sessions or on a 1 to 1 basis.

Self Defence Classes

Our specialist self defence instructors can provide you with on site self defence in the office for your employees, you may even have fun!

Ready to find out more?

If you have got any questions or would be interested in booking one of our corporate employee wellbeing services such as corporate massage or on site yoga and mindfulness, then please use the link provided. Our team can then look through your request and either call or email you with the relevant information required.

Need more information about our corporate wellbeing services?

Livewell Health is the largest and one of the leading providers of corporate well-being and employee benefits in the UK, with a commitment to promoting and enhancing the health and well-being of employees. The company offers a range of wellness programs and services designed to support and improve the physical, mental, and emotional health of employees in the workplace. These services range from corporate massage, yoga and mindfulness, health checks and assessments and much more.

Employee well-being is a critical factor in driving business success and increasing productivity. When employees are healthy and well, they are more engaged, motivated, and productive, which leads to better business outcomes. Livewell Health recognizes this and works with businesses to develop bespoke well-being programs that are tailored to the needs of their employees.

Livewell Health’s corporate well-being programs include a range of services such as on-site massage, yoga and mindfulness, nutrition talks and workshops, mobile injury clinics, exercise in work, health assessments, lifestyle coaching and much more. These services help employees to manage their health and well-being and make positive lifestyle changes that can have a significant impact on their overall health.

Livewell Health have worked closely with companies of all sizes to provide bespoke packages to their employees. In most cases where our team is retained for their services, we see those companies’ sickness levels dropping on average 25%+ and also increasing staff morale by a huge 83%. Furthermore some companies run long term treatment claim back initiatives where staff can take treatments and the company subsidises part of the cost meaning increased staff loyalty. This then directly leads to better recruitment and retention of staff moving forward. In today’s competitive job market, employees are looking for more than just a salary. They want to work for companies that care about their well-being and are committed to supporting their health and happiness.

Soft Bank Corporate Wellbeing Day with Jenny offering chair and couch on site massage 1080p
British Gypsum Yoga and Mindfullness Event for a Corporate Wellbeing Day
Pancreatic Cancer Corporate Wellbeing Event offering Mobile Physio Clinic, Nutrition Talks, Health Checks and On Site Massage

Interested in a more permanent solution?

Further to our one off sessions that are of course very popular. A lot of companies are now considering a longer term option. This may take the shape of susidised treatments for their staff, regular monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly or 6 monthly sessions or even in some cases, permanent on site attendance of our physio team to provide injury and rehabilitation solutions, in house.

Whatever your needs, we can provide the perfect solution for any business of any size. With a large team of nearly 100 therapists UK wide and a further support team that can cover any area of any size.

For more information, please contact one of our team today.

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Locations we service

As part of our corporate service, we operate across the united kingdom. Some of the areas we cover, but are not limited to are: