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Having massage services at your conference or exhibition can draw crowds and increase sales. Many businesses in today’s highly competitive market look to companies like livewell to give them an edge over their rivals. As such livewell have recruited and provided only the highest qualified soft tissue specialists. This means your delegates and potential customers are not just getting a rub on the shoulders when they attend your stand, they are getting the very best in soft tissue therapy and care from the UK’s leading professionals. As a result of this the delegates and your potential customers are left receiving the very best care from both you and your on site massage team.

Our conference and exhibition on-site massage services are unrivaled in the UK. With over 100 qualified therapists to bring to your next conference and exhibition, and years of experience in this space, we can take care of everything.

We have total flexibility in our conference and exhibition massage services by offering you the choice of a couch or chair massage, most companies opt for the chair due to space, where clients get to kneel and relax on a specifically designed chair for seated acupressure massage. We can therefore do a revitalizing head, neck, shoulders and back massage through clothes without the use of oils. And like I say, it takes up very little space so is usually the go to option. That said, if you want to offer your delegates a little bit more, a special treat, then the couch can really heighten the experience for those having treatments, as we can do a little more on a couch with specific soft tissue release, trigger pointing and myofascial release techniques!

So, in conclusion, if you want your stand to be the most vibrant stand and hottest talking point at the conference or exhibition, then having our conference and exhibition massage services on stand will be one of the best decisions and investments you make today.

Many of our clients have been with us for years and as such as value their relationship, their inclusion into the LiveWell family and we value every single one of their employees. Some of the companies we have worked for are household brands, such as AmazonBritish GasMoneysupermarketAmerican ExpressZuto Finance and other companies such as ‘Best Companies to Work For’, ‘Top 500 Companies’ and many more.

So whether you are looking for onsite or virtual services, or even a mixture of both, we can offer the best solution tailored to you, your team and the organisational needs.

Over 1000 global brands and SMEs trust livewell health to handle their employees wellbeing.

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24/7 Account Management

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Livewell Health is the largest and one of the leading providers of conference and exhibition massage services in the UK, with a commitment to promoting and enhancing the health and well-being of conference attendees.

Having the right company on-site at your conference is a critical factor in driving business success and increase potential sales. When delegates are being cared for by you and your company, it will give them a much more positive outlook on your brand and engage them in conversation with you, which leads to better business outcomes.

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Call our team and pick from onsite massage, reflexology, onsite physio clinics and many other services, to elevate your confernece.


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With over 100 specialists in over 12 highly qualified fields, we will have the people whenever and wherever you need them.


Relax and Smile

In knowledge our highly qualified team are looking after your attendees, you can focus on the day and enjoy.

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Nationwide and International Reach

With our 100 therapists across all major cities in the UK, our services span across the entire UK and also internationally. We service cities such as London, Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Sheffield, Nottingham, Derby, Leicester, Coventry, Southampton, Portsmouth, Brighton, Bristol, Cardiff, Swansea, and Newcastle, among many others.

Even though our UK reach is extensive, we have been contacted more and more frequently to work with companies in Europe and Internationally. Whilst this may come with an additional costs of travel and accommodation expenses for our UK team this is still a worthwhile investment given the unrivalled and extensive expertise our team provides.

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Our specialist conference focus means we can provide any service you can think of in any location UK wide!

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