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LIVEWELL Health has a head office based in Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham but we have therapists that cover several main areas across the UK.

Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions, which we hope will help you to answer any questions or concerns.

If it doesn’t provide the answer you are looking for then please feel free to call us on 0330 043 2501 or email us on info@livewellhealth.co.uk and a member of the team will get back to you, usually within the hour.

Frequently Asked Questions

We pride ourselves on being totally open and transparent at all times. We hide nothing from our customers and below you will find the most frequently asked questions. We do hope you find the answer you are looking for, but if you don’t please contact us.

What’s the cancellation policy?2021-08-12T11:53:21+01:00

If you have paid your deposit for the booking, you will be able to get this refunded if you cancel in excess of 24hours before your appointment. If however you cancel within a 24 hour period of your appointment you will lose this deposit. If however you cancel within an hour before your appointment time you will be expected to pay for the full cost of the treatment and if you have already paid in full, this will be retained by the company. There are mitigating circumstances which will be looked at by the management on a case by case basis.

How long is the treatment?2021-08-12T12:15:27+01:00

This depends on how long you have. We offer various times which is decided by you at the time of booking. That said we ask all customers to please take into consideration that as our therapists are mainly mobile and are usually very busy they have to be strict on the times. You will need to allow at least 5 minutes either side of your treatment for the therapist to set up and take down their bed and equipment, take payment and also to provide any aftercare advice which may include exercises / stretches if your appointment was for any rehabilitation / injury related issues. On the first visit you will also need to take into consideration an extra 5 minutes for an initial medical and assessment before the treatment. This time will come off your booked time. So for example, if it is your first session and you book 60 minutes, you will have 5 minutes at the beginning for the consultation a further 5 minutes to set up the bed. Then you will have around 45 minutes of actual treatment time, then the 5 minutes take down at the end. On your second or third visit, actual treatment time will be around 50 minutes.

What do I wear ?2021-08-12T12:23:08+01:00

Wear whatever you want and that is comfortable. The team are well trained in towel techniques and will always keep you fully covered by towels during your treatment. Depending on the type of treatment you have you may be asked to remove trousers, tops or both. You will never be asked to remove your pants / boxers but ladies may be asked to either remove their bra’s or at least unclip them at the back if they are having a back massage. If you are ever unsure or uncomfortable you must let your therapist know and they will be able to handle your concern with the upmost care and professionalism.

Are your team qualified ?2021-08-12T12:28:39+01:00

Yes, everyone we employ has a minimum of 3 years at university studying either sports therapy or physiotherapy. They are all level 3 or above and we also have the highest qualified soft tissue specialist running the company in our lead therapist and owner, Steven Hartill. He is a level 5. All of our team have or are currently working within elite sports for some of the top athletes around the UK and the World and our team regularly get asked to treat celebrities and travelling stars from all over the world. You can therefore relax and be safe in the knowledge that you are being treated by the best therapists in the UK.

What’s the difference between standard Physio’s and LiveWell ?2021-08-12T12:34:38+01:00

Most of the team employed here at LIVEWELL Health are Sports Therapists. Both Sports Therapists and Physiotherapists do a similar degree at University spanning 3 years. The difference, usually, between the two however couldn’t be more different. Most normal Physiotherapists usually only offer exercises and very rarely get hands on with their patients believing exercise is the key to getting you back to normal. Sports Therapists however have a slightly different view. We take one where we believe getting hands on first and sorting your issue is key then using exercise and rehabilitation after we have fixed the problem to get you strong and to prevent injury once it has been sorted. Most people feel their money is well spent when they see a sports therapist over a normal physio.

How often should I have a treatment?2021-08-12T15:15:49+01:00

This is a very difficult question to ask without knowing you, your recovery times, past injuries, fitness level, exercise frequency and various other life style factors. Of course we recommend everyone get a treatment from time to time, money and time depending once a week would be great to relieve muscle aches and pains and stress but that is not possible for everyone. Therefore we would say it is best to speak to your therapist as they will know you and what is best for you and give you a more specific time frame for your treatments.

What will happen at my Appointment?2021-08-12T15:19:59+01:00

If this is your first treatment your first 5 of 10 minutes will be an informal chat with your therapist. They will go through a medical with you to make sure you are able to have the treatment and then they will go through a subjective questioning and assessment period to make sure they understand which treatment will be best for your situation. They will then ask you to get yourself unchanged and onto the bed and will provide you with towels to cover your dignity. They will then go through a treatment which can last around 45 or 50 minutes if you booked an hour. At the end of the treatment they will ask you to slowly get off the bed and get dressed and if possibly take onboard some water. They will then take down their bed and pack away their equipment, provide you with some after care advice and if required some physiotherapy / rehabilitation exercises and/or stretches to further help your recovery.

How much space do I need?2021-08-12T18:31:15+01:00

You just need enough space for a massage table to fit. This is usually around 6ft long by 2ft wide.

Is it ok to exercise before/after a treatment?2021-08-12T18:33:39+01:00

Yes it is. Be mindful though, exercising before your treatment may mean you experience slightly more pain than normal due to the fatigue the muscles are already feeling, the breakdown the tissue is already dealing with and the build up of lactic acid. Also training after your massage is also ok, but again be mindful. We say 24 hours at least before you train and even when you do train, be conscious on the level of intensity you use and let your body inform you if your pushing it too far. Once you reach 48-72 hours you can be safe in the knowledge you should be able to go as hard as you want.

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