We are the leading provider of Event Massage services across the UK

LIVEWELL Health has been the UK’s leading provider of Event Massage services for over 10 years.

We have over 40 highly qualified, university degree level, soft tissue specialists offering our event massage services both at clinic locations and as mobile appointments to clients in more than 20 locations around the UK. We cover areas such as Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester, Wolverhampton, Leicester, Coventry, Derby, Nottingham, Leeds, Bradford, Gloucester, Worcester and London to name just a few.



To make a booking using our online system please click on the link below. This is for single therapist or single appointment bookings only.


If your area is not listed within our online booking system, or you require multiple therapists / time slots please call the number below.

We are the leading provider of Event Massage in the UK

Whether you are planning a small event or a large corporate or sporting event LIVEWELL Health have all the options you need to make your day the best it can be by providing only the best event massage therapists in the UK.

We employ only the highest level university graduates in Massage, Sports Therapy, Physiotherapy and Fitness. They have a minimum of 3 year’s university degree’s behind them with more than 2 years of clinical and on site treatment time.

This means that when designing your event, whether that be in a day or over a week / weekend we will have the team to meet your needs. With over 100 fully qualified soft tissue specialists in the UK we are the first and last thought by many event organisers.

For further information please get in touch today.

Sporting or Corporate Event Massage

LIVEWELL have worked with sporting organisations for many years such as Team GB, Premier League Football Clubs and other Professional Sporting clubs from all over the world.

Because of this our staff have to be the highest qualified therapists in the business meaning we only recruit level 3, and above, sports therapists and physiotherapists who have done at least 3 years study at university.

We are also the only company in the UK to employ Level 4 and Level 5 soft tissue specialists that can add that extra level to the treatments provided such as Osteopathic Spinal Manipulation, Taping and also Medical Acupuncture.

If your interested in getting a quote from our team on how we can make your sporting event the best it can be then please contact us on info@livewellhealth.co.uk or via phone on 0330 043 2501.


LIVEWELL Health have worked with some of the largest companies in the UK and abroad and as a result we can put on some of the best Corporate / Business Event packages on the market.

Having worked with companies such as Staples, Yell, Vodafone and Element we can cater for events of any size, with more than 30 highly qualified therapists, no event is too big or too small.

All of our team are the highest qualified mobile therapists in the UK, they are not your standard SPA therapists, they all come with 3 years minimum university degrees in soft tissue therapy meaning their treatments really do make all the difference and will make your event just that little bit more special.

For further information or to get a quote, please use the contact form below or alternatively please contact us on info@livewellhealth.co.uk or via phone on 0330 043 2501.

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