We are the leading provider of Sports Therapy services in London

LIVEWELL Health has been the UK’s leading provider of Sports Therapy services and have been serving the London community for many years.

We have over 40 highly qualified, university degree level, sports therapists offering the very best in sports therapy services both at clinic locations and as mobile appointments to clients from all sporting and non-sporting backgrounds.



To make a booking using our online system please click on the link below. This is for single therapist or single appointment bookings only.


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What is Sports Therapy?

Sports Therapy, is quite a new service that ties in to a mixture of physiotherapy and massage.

Sports Therapy is a type of Physiotherapy that is more sports specificly focused. Professionals within Sports Therapy do a separate university degree on a slightly different vertical to Physiotherapy and look at issues about Sports Science, Injuries within sports, dynamic rehabilitation plans specific to getting an athlete back into that given sport.

LIVEWELL have been the leading company offering this service with more sports therapists employed than any other business now just in the UK but across Europe. With this in mind, our team operate across the UK within Elite Sports and is the go to company for Sports Therapy Services.

What can Sports Therapists help with?

Injury Assessment

This is probably one of the most important stages in designing an effective treatment plan but more importantly actually understanding the true cause of your injury. Many therapists and companies who offer Injury Rehab will focus on the “pain” and this is not always the best way to start an assessment. The pain is usually the effect of another cause. We need to understand how that injury has occurred first before we can start treating the pain.

Injury Rehab

Injury Rehabilitation takes on many forms and is very much designed for the individual. No two Rehab Strategies / plans are the same . This is because each and every one of us are unique. not just in our body make up but also in the nature we sustained the injury in the first place.

With this in mind Injury Rehabilitation is a unique set of exercises, stretching and muscle manipulation (through massage and other techniques) that will lead us to a common goal of recovery and return to sport / fitness.

The time in which it takes an individual to recover fully varies and will be discussed within the initial injury assessment. The recovery will be monitored so we can give a good estimate on a date when returning to full activity can be given.

Strength & Conditioning

The final part of your Physio and treatment plan will be the conditioning of the muscles, tendons or ligaments through a structured exercise and training plan.

We do this through single plain and multi directional rehab techniques.

Our Sports Therapy Prices

Mobile Treatment Prices

To book one of our therapists for a mobile appointment their are various prices for the different lengths of time, below gives you an example of 30 and 60 minutes but we offer other time periods also.

Sports Therapist

  • 30 Minutes          Prices from £40
  • 60 Minutes          Prices from £65

Please note, there may be a small additional fee should the appointment be outside a 10 mile radius of the therapists physical location but you will be advised of this at the time of booking.

Cancellations: If you cancel your appointment less than 24hrs before the treatment time, the full amount of the treatment will be required and no refunds will be offered unless specifically agreed by a member of our management team.

Missed Appointments: Please note if you miss your appointment, or our therapist attends your property and you are not in, then we reserve the right to charge the full treatment cost or if specifically agreed with a member of our management team a fee of £15 for petrol and travel expenses. This will be subject to certain conditions and will be up to the management team’s discretion.

Our Sports Therapy service in London is one of many areas we cover across the UK. For more information about LIVEWELL Return to our Home Page. Alternatively visit our main Sports Therapy Page to view our other locations.