LiveWell Brings Massage and Yoga to 7 Dots

LiveWell recently extended its wellness services to the 7 Dots offices in London, offering much-needed soft tissue massages and yoga and mindfulness sessions. This initiative was met with such enthusiasm that 7 Dots quickly signed a two-year contract to ensure these beneficial services would be available on a monthly basis.

The LiveWell team includes a skilled massage therapist and a certified yoga instructor, both dedicated to enhancing the well-being of 7 Dots employees. The on site office massages help alleviate physical tension, reduce stress, and promote overall health, while the yoga and mindfulness sessions provide employees with tools to manage stress, increase flexibility, and improve mental clarity.

The introduction of these wellness sessions has been incredibly well-received. Employees eagerly anticipate the monthly visits, enjoying the break from their routines and the opportunity to focus on their physical and mental health. The combination of massage therapy and mindfulness practices creates a holistic approach to wellness, addressing both body and mind.

The partnership between LiveWell and 7 Dots highlights the growing recognition of the importance of employee well-being in the corporate world. By investing in these monthly sessions, 7Dots demonstrates its commitment to creating a supportive and healthy work environment. This not only boosts employee morale but also enhances productivity and job satisfaction.

The LiveWell team looks forward to their visits each month, building strong relationships with the 7 Dots employees and witnessing the positive impact of their services. The enthusiasm and participation of the employees make these sessions a rewarding experience for everyone involved.

This collaboration sets a high standard for corporate wellness programs, showing how regular, targeted wellness initiatives can significantly benefit employees and, in turn, the company. LiveWell is excited to continue this journey with 7 Dots, fostering a culture of health, mindfulness, and well-being in the workplace

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