Can you offer different health benefits to different employees

Tailoring Health Benefits: A Personalized Approach with LiveWell Health Services

In the evolving landscape of employee benefits, companies are recognizing the importance of personalised health and wellness initiatives. One question frequently asked is, “Can you offer different health benefits to different employees?” This article explores the advantages of tailoring health benefits and how LiveWell Health’s diverse services, including office massage, health checks, yoga and mindfulness, and nutrition seminars and workshops, empower organisations to provide customised wellbeing solutions for their diverse workforce.

Recognizing Employee Diversity:

Each employee is unique, with distinct needs, preferences, and health considerations. As workplaces become more diverse, the one-size-fits-all approach to employee benefits is no longer sufficient. Recognizing and embracing this diversity allows companies to enhance their employees’ overall well being and job satisfaction.

Chair Massage:

LiveWell Health’s chair massage service offers a flexible and tailored solution to cater to the diverse needs of employees. Whether it’s to alleviate stress, reduce muscle tension, or simply take a break from work, chair massages can be personalised to suit individual preferences. Chair massage can also be used in all commercial settings from offices through to warehouses. Some companies that have the right space can opt for couch massage services too. By offering this service, companies acknowledge the varied wellbeing requirements of their workforce.

Health Checks:

Implementing health checks as part of employee benefits enables companies to address specific health concerns and provide targeted support. LiveWell Health’s health checks offer a comprehensive assessment of employees’ health status, allowing organisations to tailor wellness programs and interventions based on individual needs. This personalised approach fosters a culture of proactive health management within the workplace. It is all encompassing where our specialists will look at body fat and bmi readings through weight checks, blood pressure checks, finger prick blood testing for vitamins and mineral deficiencies as well as food intolerances and allergy testing.

Yoga and Mindfulness:

Understanding that employees have different stressors and coping mechanisms, LiveWell Health’s yoga and mindfulness sessions can be customised to cater to various preferences. Some employees may benefit more from energetic yoga sessions, while others may find mindfulness practices more suitable. This flexibility allows organisations to provide diverse options that resonate with the unique needs of their workforce.

Nutrition Advice:

Nutrition plays a huge role now within our day to day lives. With so many people and companies offering advice which a lot of the time is totally incorrect and in some cases will actually harm us long term, LiveWell are taking a stand. Our no mess, scientifically back nutrition seminars and workshops are performed by highly qualified nutritionists. We offer advice to employees with varying dietary requirements and preferences. By offering personalised nutritional guidance, companies empower employees to make informed choices that align with their individual health goals. This not only contributes to improved physical health but also supports overall employee satisfaction and engagement.

The Business Case for Personalized Health Benefits:

Investing in personalised health benefits goes beyond meeting regulatory requirements; it makes good business sense. Companies that prioritise employee wellbeing experience increased productivity, reduced absenteeism, and higher levels of job satisfaction. Personalised employee health benefits are an investment in the long-term success and sustainability of the organisation.


The need for personalised health plans and benefits, tailored to your employees has become increasingly important. Workforces now are diverse in so many ways and as such companies need a flexible, fluid approach to their employee benefits offering. Here at LIVEWELL one size definitely doesn’t fit all and within our range of services we can provide you with the help and support you need to put in place a robust and proactive employee wellbeing initiative. LiveWell Health’s services, including chair massage, health checks, yoga and mindfulness, and nutrition advice, offer companies the tools to tailor their wellness programs to the unique needs of each employee. By embracing this approach, organisations not only enhance employee satisfaction and productivity but also foster a culture of wellbeing that resonates throughout the entire workplace.

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