Office Launch in Warrington

Last month, Zoe had the pleasure of attending the office launch of ITS Technology Group in Warrington. The event marked a significant milestone for the company, and we were delighted to be part of this special day. As the staff explored their new, modern workspace, Zoe provided upper back and neck massages to help everyone settle in and relax amidst the excitement of the launch.

The ITS Technology Group team was incredibly welcoming, and it was a joy to contribute to the festivities. We hope everyone enjoyed the massages and found them a soothing addition to their day. We extend our heartfelt thanks to all the staff for allowing us to participate in such a memorable event.

At LiveWell Health, we specialise in providing Corporate Benefits and Wellness Days for various large corporate clients across the UK. Our services are designed to promote health and wellbeing in the workplace, ensuring that employees feel valued and cared for. From simple chair back and neck massages during work hours to elaborate sporting event days or weekends, we cater to a wide range of wellness needs.

Our team consists of fully qualified Massage Therapists providing office massage, Physiotherapists, and Personal Trainers, enabling us to offer a comprehensive employee wellness package. Whether it’s alleviating the daily stresses of office work or organising large-scale wellness events, we are equipped to enhance the overall health and morale of your workforce.

Our participation in the ITS Technology Group‘s office launch is a testament to our commitment to fostering a healthy and productive work environment. By integrating wellness activities into corporate culture, companies can significantly boost employee satisfaction and productivity.

Thank you once again to ITS Technology Group for having us at your office launch. We look forward to continuing to support your team’s wellness journey and contributing to many more special occasions in the future.

If you are interested in some of our corporate wellbeing services and would like to book our team, please contact us directly or use our online enquiry form.