Sports Massage Therapists To The Pro’s!

LIVEWELL is the number one choice for Sports Massage therapists to the Pro’s!

Sports Massage is as we know a key component to any elite sports person’s regime and LIVEWELL have been providing sports massage therapists and offering the very best sports massage treatments across the UK to help. Our team of highly trained professionals have been working with athletes from Team GB, Premier League Football clubs, Cricket Clubs, Rugby clubs and much more up and down the UK for many years helping to keep injuries at bay and repair muscles after a hard competition.

Athletes like our very own Jodie Stimpson, Team GB triathlete and someone who knows very well the benefits given through a good sports massage and a therapist who know’s the body inside and out. With training hitting in excess of 6 sessions a week for the vast majority of serious athletes you can see how training really takes it’s toll on the body.  Having a regular sports massage can help keep the muscles healthy, get rid of built up tension and prevent injury as well as helping to improve performance. This is so important for a professional athlete training for a up coming competition, as even a short break from the training schedule due to injury can see a real impact on results and indeed fitness.

Now you may be reading this and thinking well, I don’t class myself as an athlete like these guys but do 3 or 4 hard sessions a week in the gym or on the running track. Well the principle is the same, training hard means your muscles need the care to keep them injury free and a good sports massage with a highly trained sports therapist and soft tissue specialist can be just what you need to kick on into the next stage of your training.

With our level 4 and 5 qualified sports massage and soft tissue specialists we can help you not only with hands on treatment but an array of techniques, stretches and solid dietary advice to keep your body at 100% effectiveness.

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